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In the region of Perachora, just a few kilometers from the center of Loutraki, embraced by a natural pine-forest, lies one of the most beautiful lagoons in Greece. Discover the grace of Vouliagmeni lake. An island-like, sandy beach combined with a crystal clear, shallow blue sea, taverns and restaurants with seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, sea sports and activities and a beach-bar resto will showcase a dream scenery that will enchant you.

Melagavi Lighthouse

Made of stone, it stands at the north entrance of the Corinthian Gulf and above the ruins of the ancient settlement and the Hera temple. Originally it was running on petroleum (from 1897 until 1947) and since 1982 it’s running on electricity. It is a significant sample of lighthouse architecture while safely guiding the ships and sailors to their final port destination.

Vouliagmeni Lake

The Vouliagmeni Lake has seawater, saltier than that of the open sea, refreshed through an ebb and flow every 6 hours, through a narrow channel to the Corinthian Gulf. This natural phenomenon makes the waters very clear while in summer, one side of the Lake can be very calm and the other side very wavy!

The archaeological site of Heraion

The site of Heraion consists of two sections, those of Hera Acraea (of the cape) and Hera Limenia (of the harbor). Recent excavations have revealed that there was only one sanctuary: the Hera Acraea- Limenia. The very first excavations of the site were conducted from 1930 to 1933. Built next to the picturesque bay and harbor you’ll encounter the Temple of Hera (first level of the site), making it ideal for a simultaneous refreshing dive in the sea found next to the site.

The West Courtyard, an irregular pentagon that was identified originally with the agora, can be seen to the southwest of the temple. A double-arched reservoir is located to the east (on the second level), while to the south of the reservoir is a building for dining (or hestiatorion < restaurant). A stone drain and another smaller sedimentation tank were revealed to the northeast of the reservoir. In between levels, you can see the small church of St. John which originally stood on the geometric temple and moved later on during the excavations. You’ll encounter the Building of Hestia at the easternmost end, on the third level of the site, while at a small distance below lie a series of retaining walls, the remains of a staircase, and a large artificial cavity, conventionally called the Sacred Reservoir.

Water Sports

If you love the water, there’s so much to enjoy here!

Water Ski

With modern equipment of all levels, everyone can enjoy water skiing at The Lake Water Sports Club, whether you are an amateur or a pro that wishes to train in slalom and tricks.


For moderate physical exercise in the lagoon’s calm waters, alone or with friends, you can practice your favorite kayak in a magical setting! Sports Club we can teach you all the tricks, jumps, grips, 180° & 360° twists and much more.

Barefoot water ski

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then you should try to ski barefoot! Start behind the bar and improve your technique on the cable! At higher speeds than skiing, try impressive tricks, or slalom under the guidance of our experienced coaches.


For even more action, try the plank, but without being tied to it! Wakeskate lets you trick and jump at slower speeds and enjoy amazing moments!


The windsurfing boards in another dimension! With a paddle you can combine body workout, perfect balance and ride in the calm waters! The Lake Water Sports Club presents SUP (Stand Up Paddle boards) that offer yet another option for a relaxing activity in the lagoon.